The only job security one has in the 21st century is not their job but their investment into their own personal development.

My aim is to create world class retail practitioners who I call 'Retail Ninjas' – specialists in all aspects of retail, where they have mastered the techniques, both technical and adaptive. They then go on to become masterful speakers, trainers and facilitators, they become the ultimate authority in their domain of expertise.

The Global Retail Academy focuses on the combination of 'soft' people related and technical skills alongside vocational, managerial and leadership programs for global and local retailers and those seeking to join and work in the exciting world of retail sector. Where the emphasis in retail used to be predominantly on process, structure and price, today the emphasis must be on innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution if you want to do more than just survive. 

I believe that the combination of technical and adaptive skills is the game changer in the 21st century. The Global Retail Academy offers a comprehensive retail career development, acceleration and entrepreneurship curriculum not available in any university or business school in the world.  

Get access to over $200,000 worth of curriculum for less than $1 a day. 

I invite you to become a member of the Global Retail Academy and start your journey toward retail excellence.

Prakash Menon
Founder and Executive Director, Global Retail Academy


"My belief of philanthropy is not to just give money away, but make world class education very affordable for anyone and everyone who has aspirations and dreams, for them to be realized - this is my way of giving it back.”

Prakash Menon



Retail Fundamentals

The Global Retail Academy has carefully designed an all encompassing, revolutionary and highly engaging set of Retail and Supply Chain Fundamental Programs.


The Retail Fundamentals comprise 10 courses that have been designed to take you on a carefully planned journey towards the best in the world status. The courses adopts a strategic, systematic flow in terms of teaching you the skills and knowledge to master the retail process for the 21st century.

COURSES include: Introduction to Retail - District Management - Loss Prevention - Retail Operations Management- Category Management - Retail New Age Selling Skills - Customer Service Excellence - Burning Platform in Retail - 7 Secrets for Successful Retail CEOs - Brand Management


The Retail Supply Chain Fundamentals comprise over 10 courses and has been designed to turn your retail organisation into a best practice retailer who relies on integrating your end-to-end supply chain. Discover what you need to focus on in order to make the transformation. Understand how the world has changed and why this means you must reinvent yourself and your business to stay in the game or risk becoming obsolete.

COURSES include: Retail Supply Chain Management - JIT - Setup & Lead Time Reduction - 7 Reasons for Benchmarking - 8 Disciplines: Problem Solving - Cause & Effect - Failure Modes & Effect Analysis - Quality Tools for Data Analysis - S&OP Planning - Stages of Supply Chain Excellence - Stages of Transportation Excellence


The online courses are supported by monthly instructional webinars with retail experts and retail thought leaders who will not only teach you the curriculum but also answer any questions that you may have as you engage in the learning process.

Retail Intermediate - Black Belt in Retail Series


Do you want to know how to put millions of dollars to your retail profit line?

Do you want to know how to be the 21st century RETAIL GAME CHANGER?

Do you want to know how to drive top line sales and secure bottom line profit despite today's volatile retail environment?

Do you want to know how to create a dynamic retail strategy that will take you from GOOD to GREAT?

Do you want to know how to fast track your retail career to earn TOP DOLLARS?


The Black Belt in Retail learning series takes you on a journey to building that best in the world retail machine. It will give you a steady foundation in functional retail skills as well as diving into the adaptive retail specific skills. Whether you are a multi billion-dollar company or a one - man shop, these sound principles are the foundation to retail greatness. This program will equip you with the power to transform your company into global market leaders, while delivering outstanding profitability.


The Black Belt in Retail program comprises six courses taught using clear, instructional and informative videos and reading materials which include worked out examples and exercises.


  1. ROCKETING RETAIL PROFITS : With Excellence in Merchandise Planning
  2. PUMP UP YOUR ROI : From Good to Great Buying in Retail
  3. POWER UP YOUR RETAIL : Powerful Financial Excellence for Retail Store Managers
  4. GOOD BUYER – GREAT NEGOTIATOR : Fact-based Negotiation in Retail
  5. CHECKMATE IN RETAIL : Dynamic Strategy for Retailers in a Volatile Retail Environment
  6. WINNING FORMULAS IN RETAIL : 108 Retail Formulas for Retail Mastery

The online courses are supported by monthly instructional webinars with retail experts and retail thought leaders who will not only teach you the curriculum but also answer any questions that you may have as you engage in the learning process.

Retail Mastery


The Retail Ninja Program focuses on career acceleration, and is designed for leaders who know that:


  • being the runner up or second best will never be good enough if you are to rise to the top 
  • with the increased level of responsibility comes formidable challenges 
  • in order to succeed there is a need for global intelligence, innovation and the creation of exceptional value  


This program promises to give you the tools to do exactly that. 


  • Stand out from the crowd and be recognised as the top 1% in any organisation 
  • Be inspired by someone who has been to the top and has been mentored by the world’s best himself 
  • Uncover the best in you while leveraging on the experience of a specialist. 
  • Become an aspirational leader worth following.
  • Fast track your career and achieve outstanding success as you transition into any new leadership role 
  • Adapt to a new work environment and country and maintain work-life balance 
  • Generate high-level performance 
  • Develop your sales and persuasive skills to suit the next generation business environment thought the art of oration 
  • Lift your communication & story telling skills to become a world-class speaker with the ability to inspire and influence - the key skill for the 21st Century Leader 
  • Learn proven strategies for getting up to speed smarter and faster 

The program contains life changing courses to assist in every stage of your rise to the top.




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