About - Dr. Prakash Menon

Dr. Prakash Menon

Founder and Executive Chairman, Global Retail Academy

A dynamic mentor, trainer, author and professional speaker, Dr. Prakash Menon combines strong, proven business acumen with wit, wisdom in a refreshingly down to earth manner.
Prakash is one of the most passionate and influential leadership, retail and supply chain and logistics authorities. An acclaimed speaker, author, trainer and accredited Global Thought Leaders mentor, he specialises in the achievement of success through excellence in Retail Supply Chain, Career Transitioning and Executive Mentoring.
Prakash is an experienced retail supply chain practitioner who can help any retailer, whether be small, medium or large drive their profits by creating high performance teams. He advises corporate leaders and business heads across sectors on enterprise thought leadership and failure intelligence. Given his personal experience in the retail sector, some of Prakash's programs are designed specifically for leaders in the retail sector, providing them a perspective on the leadership, insights, best-practices and learning from successful case studies from markets, across the globe.
Prakash’s advisory roles and mentoring programs are based on the belief that 'being among the best' is not good enough to ensure success, or even sustainability. It needs to be amply supported by inter-personal and communication skills. His vision is to help organisations create high-performance professionals who are truly world-class leaders in all aspects of the business. Not just technical experts, but experts with razor sharp leadership skills. In an ever-changing world, the ability to be surrounded by the real masters in their respective games, and to learn from them, is a key strength that leaders need to cultivate.
Prakash has had the opportunity to be associated with some of the world’s best coaches and mentors - that have raised the bar for him - personally and professionally. He was part of the team, which led the transformation of a broken supply chain into a world-class operation in literally under 12 months, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line. This was, undoubtedly, one of the largest transformations in the history of the Australian retail landscape, successfully undertaken, despite the time and resource constraints. His remarkable work has won him numerous honors and awards.
Areas of specialization:
  • Retail Leadership i.e. Merchandise Planning, Buying, Store Operations, Supply Chain Management
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Career Transitioning and Acceleration
  • Entrepreneurship