Checkmate in Retail

Dynamic Strategy for retailers in a volatile retail environment

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Retail has long been a game of testing and learning: trying different things, finding out what works, and doing more of it. But as the industry matures, disciplined mid - and long - term strategic planning and focused execution are becoming indispensable for sustainable performance. Retailers need to be able to identify pockets of future growth—in new categories, new target groups, or new regional markets. This often requires adapting business models, value propositions, and format strategies to the dynamics of emerging local markets. This book provides insight into Strategic Decision Making, Retail Marketing Mix and the Retail Business Model. Learn to enhance your business acumen increase your levels of awareness in terms of internal, external and competitive forces.

  • Understand the 9P’s of retail and their importance in executing strategic goals
  • Outline the activities necessary for a buyer or merchandise manager to complete a full seasonal cycle as it relates to the product mix in their category
  • Place your business in Porter’s Strategic Positioning Matrix and detail the implications of that position in regard to Merchandise breadth and depth and Comparative pricing with identified competition
  • List the major elements of buyer contribution to profits and their linkage to the expense structure of the business
  • Understand the 5 E’s
  • Detail the product life cycle of their category, and the implications for product development and management
  • Describe the core customer for your business and department in detail including demographic and psychographic factors
  • List the technical skills (hard skills) necessary to be a successful buyer/business manager in their department and business

Author(s):Prakash Menon and Andrew Cavanagh
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