Good Buyer Great Negotiator

Fact-based negotiation in retail

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Retail professionals are constantly in a stage of negotiation, not just with customers, but also internal and external stakeholders, but more importantly with critical suppliers. Negotiation is an essential skill when it comes to drawing up contracts and building key long-term relationships. The success of a negotiation is not just through potent convincing power but through managing the process, expectations and the perceptions of all parties in the negotiation. It’s not just the gift of the gab, but it holds a great accountability to putting together an offer that is seen as a win/win and achieves closure without damaging the on-going relationship between the parties concerned. This book introduces methods and tactics used by professional negotiators. It focuses on careful analysis and good process management to arrive at the best possible deal for both sides in a negotiation, an agreement that is enthusiastically implemented and accepted.

  • Determine the most effective strategic approach by applying understanding of the relative importance of outcomes and relationships
  • Identify the relative importance of power elements in a negotiation and apply them to the specific negotiation context
  • Understand the influence of personality style on communication within negotiation and apply that knowledge to improve outcomes
  • Identify the variables within a negotiation and prioritize them by developing a negotiation map
  • Use concession trading to improve outcomes without compromising your objectives
  • Use knowledge of how suppliers are trained in order to control the negotiation and improve outcomes
  • Apply tactics that are appropriate to your objectives leading to improved outcomes whilst maintaining the relationship

Author(s):Prakash Menon and Andrew Cavanagh
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