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Growing a retail business requires expanding: Expanding in terms of increasing physical store locations or getting more customers into the store. But there are several other ways of boosting profits, though these are often overlooked by most retail store owners. While you must be keeping up with figures like total sales, cost of goods sold and overhead costs, having tabs on the following retail metrics will ensure that you are in control of the other elements of your business that ultimately impact your profit margins. There are various metrics that help us to understand how well we are doing in terms of cost and revenue. This information enables you to analyze your operation, identify problem areas, and take immediate corrective action. These reports contain the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business. Managing and measuring those KPIs becomes the key from being a competitor to becoming a market leaders.

  • Use percentages and rations to measure and manage sales, profit and stock
  • Identify options for pricing strategy and understand the implications for range decision making
  • Calculate percentage margin from cost and sell
  • Calculate average margin using the Contribution to Margin (CTM) method
  • Calculate the effect of changes to product mix on average margin
  • Calculate the retail price point from cost and the required First Margin
  • Calculate the required cost from retail price point and the required First Margin
  • Calculate First margin from required Buyer Gross Margin (BGM) and planned markdowns
  • Calculate BGP from First margin and markdowns
  • Calculate markdowns using the product sell-through mix
  • Calculate and manage stockturn

Author(s):Prakash Menon and Andrew Cavanagh
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