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The day-to-day management of the stores is a critical factor in the successful management within any retail business. Stock represents a large percentage of the working capital in many organizations. Minimizing loss or damage makes a significant contribution to the overall profitability of the business - and is a key part of the stores function. This along with many other operational factors needs to be tracked on a day to day basis. Learn the methodologies, principles and practices of good store financial management in order to build confidence, knowledge and awareness of the different facets of cost in a store. It will assist store management in acquiring the knowledge necessary to effectively plan stores and improve efficiency. The book deep dives into understanding and analyzing store financials and taking appropriate measures to meet targets.

  • Set store related benchmarks that set out to improve store KPI’s
  • Apply the ROSA model and understand sources of store contribution and the importance of managing stock and debtors
  • Calculate average margin using the Contribution to Margin (CTM) method
  • Analyze the productivity to labor and the effect of salaries on the GPROI
  • Solve business break even problems and the effect of changes in fixed and variable costs on the stores profitability
  • Improve the overall performance of a retail store by understanding
  • Effect of changes to product mix on average margin
  • Retail price point from cost and the required First Margin
  • Required cost from retail price point and the required First Margin
  • Understand the GPROI model and effects of slow stock on a store
  • Identify the financial drivers of GPROF and apply the concept of space productivity and stock intensity

Author(s):Prakash Menon and Andrew Cavanagh
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