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Retail Ninja - Pathway to Victory

Retail Ninja - Pathway to Victory


The Retail Ninja Program focuses on career acceleration, and is designed for leaders who know that:


  • being the runner up or second best will never be good enough if you are to rise to the top 
  • with the increased level of responsibility comes formidable challenges 
  • in order to succeed there is a need for global intelligence, innovation and the creation of exceptional value  


This program promises to give you the tools to do exactly that. 


  • Stand out from the crowd and be recognised as the top 1% in any organisation 
  • Be inspired by someone who has been to the top and has been mentored by the world’s best himself 
  • Uncover the best in you while leveraging on the experience of a specialist. 
  • Become an aspirational leader worth following.
  • Fast track your career and achieve outstanding success as you transition into any new leadership role 
  • Adapt to a new work environment and country and maintain work-life balance 
  • Generate high-level performance 
  • Develop your sales and persuasive skills to suit the next generation business environment thought the art of oration 
  • Lift your communication & story telling skills to become a world-class speaker with the ability to inspire and influence - the key skill for the 21st Century Leader 
  • Learn proven strategies for getting up to speed smarter and faster 

The program contains life changing courses to assist in every stage of your rise to the top.




Fast track your retail career with the Retail Ninja career acceleration program for just &19.95 per month

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